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Bring yourself to the next level with application-based learning and real-world experience with Illuminate Leadership Academy. If you learned about us through our signature regional and national events, please get certified below and receive your predicted grades.

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Would you like to convert your conference participation blog assignment into a predicted grade and receive up to 2.0 high school credits from the Illuminate Leadership Academy? Select what kind of accomplishments you are interested in pursuing within the Academy.

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Become a Regional Lead and plan my own Illuminate Conference. Illuminate provides mentorship, helps me to budget and all resources.


Entrepreneurship: With our Foundations and Accelerate paths of the entrepreneurship program, you’ll receive guidance that fits your entrepreneurial experience. If you have zero experience with building a startup, not to worry: Foundations is perfect for you and will teach you all the essential skills and knowledge to create a successful startup. The Accelerate path will guide you through how to scale your startup to drive and maintain growth.


Corporate School: Become an analyst intern at Illuminate Universe and experience what it's like to climb the corporate ladder at prestigious global firms. You will have the opportunity to solve real industry case studies, consult for our distinguished National Partners, and receive mentorship from world-class leaders through our Business Leadership Program.


Specialized Streams (The Apprentice): For all future doctors, researchers, engineers, real estate agents and more: this unique stream focuses on developing specialized industry talent. You will be connected with an industry mentor who currently works in your dream role. Practice leadership in real time by taking on tasks assigned by your mentor to solidify your understanding of the profession.


Girlpreneur: Build your very own business with the guidance of industry-professionals and host a conference of 100+ attendees with a group of talented young women to innovate, grow, and disrupt the future. Join the Illuminate sisterhood and learn from incredible women leaders around the world while consulting for Fortune 500 organizations.



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July 1st - August 30th, 2021


September 3rd - December 20th, 2021


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